About Terri



Terri Long, RYT-500, is a certified master level yoga teacher, trauma therapist, meridian therapist, and active proponent of living life to the fullest.

Terri began doing yoga when she realized the healing benefits for not only the body, but also the mind and the spirit. She is known for her compassionate, loving, and non-judgemental style.

Terri is a perpetual learner and weaves thought provoking meditations and life applications throughout her classes. She encourages growth in both the physical and spiritual self which brings peace, joy and wholeness.

Terri focuses on using what God has given us to maintain and to sustain our bodies.

Though yoga originates in the Eastern cultures, Terri has incorporated the poses and mediation techniques to be used by Christian believers and help each student develop a relationship with God that will benefit their body, mind and soul.

Terri has come to realize that there is a need for those seeking the Lord to also find a way to focus on Him and Meditate on His Word.  God told us to Meditate on His Word and to write it on our hearts.  We need a healthy heart if we are going to keep His Word in it, thus Yoga is a fitness tool that can be used by persons aged from 2 to 122.

Please feel free to attend any classes and listen to what your body and your Creator can say to you.

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